Voice catcher

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Introduction to Voice Catcher

Recovers between 20% and 30% of lost call quality – reducing jitter and
delays, delivering a dramatic reduction in support calls received.
The NetPhone Adapter (Voice Catcher) is an advanced VoIP adapter
optimised for todays Internet telephony service provider’s needs.

Hear for yourself

The sound samples emulate a voice transmission.

Standard Signal

Listen to Standard Signal

Voice Catcher: + 30%

Listen to Voice Catcher: + 30%


  • Excellent VoIP quality
  • Dramatically reduces services costs
  • High availability VoIP with ICE
  • Industry standard SIP (RF3261) enabled for both IPv4 & IPv6 operations
  • A wide variety of audio codecs, both narrow brand and wide band
  • Optional mobile broadband router using 3G/LTE or employed as a back-up WAN interface
  • Remote management & monitoring

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Excellence in audio

The Voice Catchers’ voice stacks and codecs are enhanced by a packet-loss and jitter reducing VoiceEngine. This dramatically reduces customer complaints and support costs for the operator, a common challenge as VoIP often originates from Smart phones and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Highest availability

Robust NAT traversal with ICE ensures the call is successfully established and maintained regardless of the network used.

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Voice catcher specsVoice catcher specs
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